Abel Cross


the Neo Bop Quintet
Fantastic songs played by a great band. So good to hear this inspired combination of musicians, some from the ‘new’ crop of young cats and a couple of established ones, putting their stamp on some great Abel Cross songs inspired by the jazz of the 40s and 50s. Beautiful playing all-round on an excellent record.” - Warwick Alder
“…the Neo-Bop Quintet played divinely in a set that reached the sublime.” Extempore, 2010
Electroacoustic piano trio featuring Adrian Klumpes and Finn Ryan.
“3ofmillions invigorates with its fearless attack, and embodies the genre-advancing spirit that was once standard practice in jazz” – textura, 2009
Trio with James Loughnan and Paul Derricott exploring the boundaries of Jazz, Rock, and Free Improvisation.
“Felucca’s debut CD demonstrates that the future of jazz in Australia is in good hands” – Simon Barker, 2014
Pure Evil Trio
Noise/thrash collaboration with Aaron Clarke and John Irish.
“This local three piece summon a noise that truly embodies their name. Combining elements of crust and grind, they bash out short blasts of ferocious political tinged mayhem.”
– FasterLouder.com, 2005
the Heavy Metal Work Orchestra
World first collaboration with Fred Rodrigues, Scott Tinkler & Adrian Klumpes utilising an orchestra of computer-controlled power tools.
the SMS-Interactive Music System
World first collaboration with Fred Rodrigues, Defektro, Kusum Normoyle & Adrian Klumpes where audience members can ‘conduct’ a live improvisation via sms.